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    Default rough parts pricing

    Hi guys im about to buy a 205 gti but it might need 2 rear wheel bearings the front drivers cv joint and the front drivers ball joint anyone here got a rough price to get those things fixed?? ill be calling some wreckers tomorrow but just wanted to get some idea



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    Default Try EAI

    European Auto Imports, 1/23 Clarice Rd. Boxhill 98996683 have always been my first stop for pug parts for my 504, 205 and 405mi16. They have a good range, know their stuff, have good prices ( including discounts for PCCV members ) and will send stuff to me here in gippsland by return mail. Bearings shoudl be avialable from any good bearing shop.

    CV joints and balljoints off wrecks are likely to be in a simmilar state to the ones you've got. New ones are a better deal in my book.

    The pug parts CD available on this website do not list a separate ball joint, just the suspension arm with ball joint so good luck on this one...

    Trevor Hoare
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    '95 405Mi16 - what a great car! ; 89 405 ( for my daughter )
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