Peugeot 405-Electric mirror adjustment button
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    Default Peugeot 405-Electric mirror adjustment button

    There is an old French saying: “Better is the enemy of good”, which I should have heeded when attempting a few basic repairs on a French car. I was replacing some faulty switches and interior light bulbs in my 405. Everything went well, job finished.

    Then, for no real reason I levered off the button that adjusts the electric mirrors. This button is located on the lower driver’s side door trim. The button is square with direction arrows. The underside of the button has a short plastic pivot arm. I tried to reinstall the button by pushing it back into the mechanism - the pivot arm should go back into the hole whence it came. But I can’t get it back in – either gently manouevring it or using brute force.


    Is there a particular trick to this, or have I learnt an expensive lesson to leave things be.
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    Have you seen the movie Apollo 13?, well I want you to rip the cover off the flight manual.
    Here goes, I have just replicated the situation you are in and can fix it. You may not want to know how though.

    1 Remove the switch from the door.
    2 Unclip the bottom of the switch there are five little clippy things (technical term) I used a knife blade to gently lift the case off the clip.
    3 Pick up the spring and metal post that falls out.
    4 Quick belt of scotch at this stage.
    5 remove the things that look like little railway bogeys
    6 remove the post that attaches to the 4 way switch and discover which way it goes back together, only goes one way.
    7 put 4 way switch back in to top of switch block and press the tubular bit home, it only goes on one way, did I mention that? it will hold the 4way button in place.
    8 Clean the contacts on the PCB
    9 put the railway bogeys back
    10 put the spring and rod into the tubes spring end first
    11 Put the bottom back on the switch
    12 drink more scotch.


    BTW I will send the other bits to you now I have done the switch. If the above doesnt work let me know and I will send the mirror switch with the other stuff.
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