Difference between 505 STi and GTi discs/calipers
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    Default Difference between 505 STi and GTi discs/calipers

    I've searched everywhere but can't find an answer. Is there a difference between the 505 STi's brakes and the 505 GTi's brakes. I'm going ahead with my project of fitting the PRV6 into my 505 STi, and as such are going to do a decent job of it, including upgrading the suspension, brakes etc (too many people I see stick a larger engine in a car and forget about improving the rest of the car to suit).

    So what differences if any are there between the STi's and the GTi's? Or are there better brakes available that bolt onto the 505's suspension?


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    The GTI uses the same brakes as the STI although the fact that both are available with either Teves or Bendix calipers may cause confusion. Both the Teves and Bendix calipers give the same braking force, but the Teves are more reliable.

    If you want "better" brakes, the 604 discs and calipers are the ones to use. They bolt straight onto the 505 and the 604 discs are the same ventilated ones as fitted to the 505 turbo and V6. The 604 calipers are a Teves type, but wider than the normal 505 type, to accomodate the ventilated discs.

    I think (but am not sure) that the genuine 505 turbo and V6 calipers have slightly larger pads than the 604 calipers.

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