E O I 205 t shirts
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    Default E O I 205 t shirts

    yep im an incurable 205 gti freak,
    i am looking for e o i in people wanting 205 t shirts or windcheaters or jackets.
    this is the preliminary call for interest.
    i will be on the look out for artwork and the person whos cotributed art work is used will get one free[a t shirt]
    i will put up the costs for the first run and hope to self generate money for next run if their is enough interest.
    primarly action shots of t16 in rally mode and good shots of nice street versions,
    as i propose to use both images.also fuuly sick ones will be consided.
    there could be a couple of different designs used.
    maybe a rally one ,a strret car one and the 'FULLY SICK ONE'
    please submit all art work to my email address [email protected] or ring 0418126691 if you wanna chat.
    if it gets enough interest i may do runs of other peugeot classics like 503 403 or whatever the demand is ,but as i am s 205 freak this is where i will start.
    please quote your size in your eoi reply so i know what sizes to buy in bulk.
    if you want one please reply to the eoi so i know if its worth getting them made.
    also if you would like yo see other peugeot models represented please feel free to request.
    but i am starting with the 205 and will go were the interest is.
    this is not a buissness ventuer, iam not trying to get rich,just waana shirt myself and thought well wh ile im at it.........cheers bazz


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    Fellow Frogger! bazgti's Avatar
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    nth balwyn, victoria


    bump bump
    what?no one but me wants 205 t shirts n stuff i cant beleive it .-BAZZ [i really must b sick]

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    hi bazz,

    i'd be interested in some tees - itd depend on the artwork you choose, though.


    current frogs :
    '94 s3 alpine 205GTi

    daily ding magnet: '98 1.8 16v citroen xsara

    previous frogs:

    88 S1 205GTi
    '95 306S16

    gimme corners. . .

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