505GTI frustration
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    Icon8 505GTI frustration

    Since buying our 84 GTI 2 years ago it has never started well when cold. In the last few months it has failed to start and we found by tapping the fuel pump it would run. In the last two weeks the problem has got worse to the extent of the car dying on the open road. Pulled the pump out and put it across a battery and it seems fine. The injection system is the mechanical one.
    The car has done 320 000kms.

    Any suggestions ?!!


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    Default 505 fuel pump

    Have you checked the intank pump and the hose between the two pumps, which have been known to get porous.
    Regards Pete

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    Hi PugNZ,
    If the injection is K-jet, two things may be happening here (as well as the ones already suggested)
    1. the fuel pump is worn out- the roller cells wear. Pump becomes noisy and cannot maintain pressure. This is definitely possible at 320,000 km, and especially if the pump has been run dry.
    2. The fuel accumulator has a leak in the diaphram. - my r25 had this problem, similar starting problem. If it is the 3 hose one the leaked fuel bleeds back to the tank, the 2 hose one builds it up behind the diaphram.


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