are you a 205 ferak like me?wanna good read and perv.
if so you gotta get SPORTING PEUGEOT 205'S by dave thornton.
got mine at the technical bookshop in swanston st melb.for $29.95
check out the hot pink dimma wide body 205[dont know bout the colour]
lots of ideas for customising if your into that kind of thing.
its an english publication so you get to see alot of models and engine sizes we dont get out here.
great section on motorsport and turbo and mi 16 conversions.
some amazing statistics for ya
total gti production-332,942
total cabriolet prod-72,125
total t16 production-241
total 205 production to end of 1996-5,153,369
dont let anyone tell you they are a rare car [ok maybe in oz]with over 5 million made worldwide that includes all models.
lots of usefull addresses,tech specs,production milestones,sales figures[in uk],no website addresses though.
all up id give it 9/10 the 1 being not enough colour pics or website addresses.