306 Slightly Crashed
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    Icon9 306 Slightly Crashed

    hey guys, i've just crashed my 306 to a Police Surveliance Car.
    I don't think it is very bad, just want some idea on how to fix it up myself.
    The part in question that i've crashed is the metal panel just above the left wheel. I thought about hammering it back but apparently the Plastic mudguard (whatever it is called) inside is blocking a straight access to the metal panel, i figured out the only way to hammer it back in place is to take the plastic thingy off. BTW there is also a dent just behind the headlight above the bumper.

    I went to a repair shop today and they told me fixing it will cost as much as replacing the entire panel. To get it fixed they said they need to remove the bumper and the headlight and take the entire panel out. Is this true? Are there anyways to go around it?? (The bumper need to go out anyway i think because the plastic clipper has slipped out from the white socket inside the bumper)

    If nothing can be done, can you guys recommend a nice, cheap repair shop to go???


    P.s. with the police car i have scrached and slightly dented the rear door and panel, any estimation on how much that gonna cost??


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    Quote Originally Posted by wtpug306
    P.s. with the police car i have scrached and slightly dented the rear door and panel, any estimation on how much that gonna cost??
    Your license ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by XTC206
    Your license ??

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    yeah I second that, what happened to your license???

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    A few months ago I had an acccident in my 505. The result was my front LHS guard (the panel you are talking about) was crushed in the corner where it meets with the headlight. Fixing up the guard and repainting it amounted to $1070. Luckily the other person's insurance covered it It involved taking off the headlights, bonnet, fan grille, bumpers and naturally the guard. On the upside now everything lines up (I used to have wonky headlights).

    Depending on how bad the Police car's door is, it might require replacing. Assuming this is a Commodore/Falcon etc that shouldn't cost that much.
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