Ok, I have done the searches of the forum and haven't found a great deal of info on CAI. (Feel free to link to good threads if you know of them).

I have a 2002 307 with the 2.0L and with the help of some polished stainless piping and a pod (probably Apex'i) then some cheaper ducting to pull some cooler air from the front to an ali enclosure.

I figure the performance gains will be negligible but hey im sure the engine will breath better and with the better flowing exhaust, it cant be that bad.

BUT....I do want to know what sort of induction noise I can expect with this engine/pod, is noise an issue with N/A engines? I have gone to great lengths to have a high flow/low noise exhaust and would hate to spoil it with loud Induction!




PS: If anyone has, or knows links of audio clips of induction noise it would be appreciated