205 GTI Bottom Engine Mount
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    205 GTI Bottom Engine Mount

    Hi All,

    Just a quick question... I recently pressed out and pressed in a new bottom engine mount for my 205 GTI.

    Now the old one wasn't very good and the arrow that's on the new mount was not visible on the old mount.


    SO..... I installed the mount into the bracket having the arrow point towards the engine.

    Tonight, while under the bonnet I revved the engine looking for something else and I noticed some engine twist more then I would of expected...

    Have I install the mount the right way? should of the arrow pointed UP or DOWN or towards the bracket (back of the car)

    Pugsley The 1987 205 GTi Peugeot

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    the easiest way to do these is to put them in exactly the same way they came out...
    the air gap should be at the front and back..
    but on a small angle so when in car it sits striaght up and down...
    regards paul.

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