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    Fellow Frogger! James504's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

    Icon7 New to the forum...

    Hello guys and girls,

    My name is James Archbold, Im 17. I own a 1974-6 (dont know the exact year) 504. Im just about to go for my licence. The car is a bit rough in the interior and paint, but the engine and body are in very good condition. Ive just recently becomed attached to this little car, when i was first given it for free, i was like awsome for a first car, better than a kick in the mouth, but never really gave it a second thought. But now ive gotten right into peugeots and old cars for that matter. Another friend has a old datto 120y and its hilarious to see these old bomby cars together. Naturally a peugeot forum was the first stop , maybe next the QLD peugeot car club. Anyway i just wanted to introduce myself here, thankyou.

    James (504 fan)


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    Moderator Alan S's Avatar
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    Queensland, Australia


    Good onya mate, good to have you aboard.
    Pity in many ways you weren't here a week ago you'd have been invited to UQ for the Bastille day last Sunday (unless of course you were there anyway) and you could have met a few of us, but no matter, it'll be on again next year.
    Stay tuned as we have the occasional get together and you're always welcome.
    Trust you enjoy this and many Pugs & other Froggies for years to come.
    We're all ages here so you'll have plenty of friends.

    Alan S
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    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    May 2001
    Sydney, NSW, Australia


    Hi James!

    Welcome to
    Yes it's a pity you weren't here a week ago - you could have met us all at UQ - even I was there, up from Sydney This is a great forum - lots of technical resources if you use our search function, and lots of friendly people who are willing to help. Some of us are a bit crazy and travel around the country meeting the whole crew


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    1000+ Posts Shobbz's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    Heya James,

    I am a fellow frogger, live in bris vegas, and I am also called James. I got my pug in similar fashion when I was 18 also. 3 years on and it still doesn't go any faster, and just for Alan S's sake the paint job has not improved.

    Stick with the pug, damn nice car, don't go fast and for their age and size are not gas guzzlers.

    The people on this forum have kindly put up with my insistent queries regarding my old pug and I am sure that they and I will be more than happy to help you.

    All the best, see ya around

    2005 407 ST Exec
    1975 504 GL

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    Fellow Frogger! Peter J's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Dubbo NSW


    Hi James,

    Welcome. Someone gave you a 504 for free .. you're are lucky man. Your old Pug will outlive the Datsun 120Y. Good luck with it.

    Peter J. (Fellow 504 Frogger).

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    1000+ Posts bowie's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    Sydney, Concord City, Sir.


    Welcome.. someone gave you a 504 free.. congratulations.. this bve your first step untill you convince yourself they realy are the best looking car in the world..

    Your mates will save up and get Japanese Ryc Weapons with Turbos and wierd things like ABS and Climate Control?? and eventually she will over power you until you cant help but feel alight with glee when ever you see one anywhere..

    Totaly obsessed 505 driving man here..

    one day ill upgrade to the 04

    Hav fun..

    Bowie ..

    Works: 2003 YV Commodore (That is Cecil to you)
    Playing: R12, SuperPos, thinks It's a race car and Sunny the R12 Lego set.
    Previous: SuperGrumpy fuel spitting 504ti(ish), SuperComfortable 505 STI, SuperDoper carried my groceries Mi16, Choo Choo'd Volvo S40
    Wanted Will hoard 12/15/17 Junk.

    "More and more of less and less" - Marina Abramović

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    Fellow Frogger! Decca's Avatar
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    Jul 2004


    Welcome James
    Someone has given you more than 'just a car'.
    Get a service manual /join a club/ talk to fellow peugeotphiles on this forum. Learn how to keep your pug in top condition and it will reward you well.
    And go easy on your mate with his 120y. A few trips in your 504 will convince him that the two are worlds apart.

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    who? when? huh? GTI124's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Gordon, NSW


    Welcome James! Nice ride! Any pics?

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    Banned orestes's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Sunshine Coast


    welcome to the clan, 504's are awsome cars especially if you got your hands on a TI, i had a 504 for my first car as well a few years ago now... still miss it... damn trucks oh well take good care of it and it will take good care of you... tough as guts and fun to drive all be it not in a straight line... good to see you here in the aussie frogs pond and we all hope you stick around

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