Pug 206 1.6L 5dr XR
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    Default Pug 206 1.6L 5dr XR

    Hi fellow froggers. A mate of mine is very interested in a 206 1.6L 5dr XR which is for sale in WA at the moment at a very tempting price. He is pretty keen but I was wondering if their are any of you out there who have had positive experiences with this type of 206 that could take any doubt out of his mind. He has a Honda CRV at the moment & is looking at the Pug because of fuel efficiency reasons. Any anecdotes, links to articles on this particulalr model or experiences, good or bad would be hugely appreciated. I am keen to make sure he makes the move from the 'dark side' a positive one. Thanks in advance

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    For what its worth I've picked up my three door 1.6 XRS and done about 1000 k's. But...

    Coming from the CRV your mate would (obviously) be in for a totally different driving experience. In fact you could say that he'll start driving as opposed to simply attending the steering wheel. But

    1. You havent given an age for the car, ie new v used. I understand the version of the 1.6 used in the XR changed in 2001/2 from the old SOHC to DOHC which makes about 25kw's of difference.

    2. With a manual the 1.6 can be stirred along a at pretty good pace and is a really fun drive. I strongly suspect that an auto might suck just a bit too much fun out though.

    3. As far as economy goes. With a car just 1 week old with (now) just under a 1000k's on it (so still a bit tight) I'm getting 6.5 lt/100k's on my comute to work. Compared to the Saab I used to drive to work I'm looking at saving $50 a fortnight in petrol alone which is a nice little present.
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