Pug Diesels - Any Tips On Econo_driving?
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    Icon5 Pug Diesels - Any Tips On Econo_driving?

    Just got myself a PUG 307 HDi Wagon

    very pleased with it after a few thousand km of country and suburban driving

    getting an average of 6l/100km

    a bit of a change after my 205 GTi ( see TADPOL thread on HATCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME)

    health and family reasons see me go from rocketship to pug-tugboat

    - my ticker (cardio-vascular sys) is no longer up to the adrenalin rush of the GTi - and wife/son/dog made other demands


    Are there any diesel driving AussieFrog Forummers out there who could steer me towards a source of good driving tips on how to get the most economy out of an HDi --- without making yourself a 80kph tortoise on the open road



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    Hi all,

    I tried to chase up a bit of info about John Taylor's trip around Australia where he got 3.42 l/100 km (82 mpg) out of the HDI. All I found out is that the car was in gear all the time (not allowed to use angel gear) but the rest is all hush hush. I imagine all the usual rules apply (slow acceleration, planning ahead with braking etc) but I think it also relates to the max. torque revs of the car ( ie 1750 rpm) and doing most driving at those revs through the gears. I think cruise control is out as well as applies more throttle going up hill to maintain speed. I could not obtain the average speed of the trip around Australia except that he did 14,500 km in 25 days, but it seems that cruising at peak torque is where the car would be most efficient.?????

    Any comments from others who now more about this than I do?

    Peter J.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter J
    but it seems that cruising at peak torque is where the car would be most efficient.?????
    That was my experience in a Renault dCI (same common rail technology) engine. Cruise at max torque figure on the highway for best economy. One thing I do know with diesels is frequent throttle movement has an effect of increasing fuel consumption. Keeping the throttle as still as possible helps there


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    Congratulations on the purchase TADPOL, good choice . It seems with mine that the best fuel economy seems to be around the 1800 revs mark ie. about 80-90kph in 5th. The engine also seems to use more fuel while it is warming up. Driving a flat 80kph speed limit highway, the fuel consumption should easily be below 5l/100km (by the computor, which seems to over estimate consumption by 0.2-0.3l/100km). with a mix of city and normal highway driving (100-110kph) I ussually average about 6l/100km according to the computer). But don't worry too much about the fuel consumption; one or two litres per hundred clicks costs next to nothing in fuel and it is probably better for the engine to drive it with a bit more purpose.


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    Not sure where max torque comes in on the 307 but that is where you should have the tacho needle. I change at 3k and keep the needle as close to 2250 as I can in the 405srdt. They are no slug and even when I enjoy the car more it still does no worse than 6.2 - 6.5 on a trip steady 115km/h 5.0 -5.5 just drive it basically.
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