Re-tuning the de-tuned 205GTi
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    Default Re-tuning the de-tuned 205GTi

    I have read that the 205GTis were detuned to comply with Australia's emission laws, from 110kw down to 90Kw. Is there a way to 're-tune' these cars?? Or am I just treading on old ground?? My girlfriend would really like that extra 20Kw from a stock 1.9L engine.

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    If you have a series one or two you have 75kw (105hp), or if you have a series 3 you have 88kW (122hp). The uk 205gtis had 130 hp which is no where near 110kw. If you want that much power go for an Mi16 transplant. You can make more power for your 8V by upping the compression and getting a bigger cam. PM PeterT if you are interested in this.

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    Like Dave said you need more compression and more valve timing. I've got a few bits for sale that may help your quest. PM me if you're interested.

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