Slipped clutch cable?
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    Default Slipped clutch cable?

    My string of bad luck seems never ending!!

    Not two days after being run up the arse of, my clutch cable appears to be slipped, or worse. I can't get the clutch to engage until the very top of my throw (and then it's very touchy and slow), and my pedal sits higher than either of my other pedals.

    When i go to tighten the clutch cable at the end (bugger thats a pain to get to!), it just twists the cable, and i cant get a good grip on the end above the thread.


    To me it seems like the cable has frayed and stretched. Is that what usually happens? And what's the expense for a new cable/labour? I might DIY it, doesn't seem too hard.

    Still, this really sucks!! I just want everything to be good for a while. That better happen when i get that rebuild at the end of the year!

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    ...its possible that its frayed and stretched...if this is the case, I d start looking for a replacement as its bound to break at the most inconvinient spot, at 2 am and it ll probably be raining (-2C windchill)...and yes your mobile battery will be dead....these things always happen in threes....I d get it fixed as soon as possible...its definitely a DIY job...just make sure you adjust accordingly after instalation....

    cheers and good luck


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