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    205 T16

    This has probably been asked many times, but I am new to both the forum and to Peugeot fandom. I would reallllly love a 205 T16. Are there any in Australia? If so how much money would it take to get somone to part with their, approximately?

    Itosu DeLaCroix

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    100k might get you one.

    Or you get a body kit to make it look like a t16
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    Hi Itosu,
    Nothing wrong with dreaming and having driven one, 205 T16's are certainly worth dreaming about

    As Parry says, you would be extremely lucky to get one into Australia for under $100,000. Unless one has come in during the last couple of months or has been extremely well hidden, there are none in Australia. There is a Group-B version in New Zealand that has been used in things like Targa-NZ but it has been troubled with gearbox problems.

    If you enjoy the 205 GTi (and why wouldn't you), I'd suggest getting one of these - there are some very good value ones for sale on this forum.

    There are some T16 body kits around - the original Dimma which is just beautiful but incredibly expensive and a cheaper immitation version called the MonteCarlo.

    I have a downplayed Gutman body-kit on mine and some vinyl PTS colours to make it look (a little) like a T16. In fact, your avatar is made from my car.

    Good luck
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