205 GTi '87 What's this hose called ? and where can I get it
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    205 GTi '87 What's this hose called ? and where can I get it

    Hi all,

    Well.. we are 98% there with the clutch in my 205. We broke or rather finished off the top engine mount last night so I've gone and purchased a new one...


    But.. during the process of connecting all the hoses etc... back upto the various things we noticed one hose that came completely away from behind the engine.

    THe path of this hose is from the back of the engine block (near the firewall) across, up and over the gearbox, under the airflow meter and into the large pipe that leads away from the airflow meter and before the throttle.

    If I leave the pipe off and unblocked, the car will start but then stall. If I block the hole where the pipe slips onto, the car starts and idles fine...

    What is this pipe, what it do and where can I get it??? Auto France doesn't ahve it...

    Pugsley The 1987 205 GTi Peugeot

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    Sounds like an engine crankcase breather tube, Justin. It recirculates cranckases fumes back into the inlet manifold essentially, thereby reducing crankcase pressure and reducing pollution.

    I don't know the 205 engine, but my bet would be that you would have to go to Pug dealer for a proper replacement, with the bends in the right places etc, but that an appropriate length of flexible,fuel proof, temperature resistant tubing of the right diameter might be obtainable from one of the regular auto parts suppliers of the Repco / Autobahn variety.



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