205 Rear Beam Upgrade Options!
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    Default 205 Rear Beam Upgrade Options!


    Finally got around to stripping down my 205 disc rear beam I had sitting in the dirt. Amazingly it still had all the factory grease inside and only a little bit of rust towards the outside, so the bearing removal was a doddle.


    This is purely a street machine for Brisbane's s**t roads, with hopeful trackwork one day. I know it has been asked to death on here and 205gtidrivers so I will make it easy! Just need some opinions/experience for these 4 points.

    1. Keep the 19mm ARB or stick in a bigger 23-24mm one. I will not be changing the torsion bars.

    2. Option of either 306 or 205 rear arms. Extra toe-in sounds nice, especially if it improves throttle liftoff predictability.

    1. Keep the current drums or go discs. If the latter I'll need to press out the stub axles from the rusty disc-rear arms to the drum-rear arms).

    4. Best bushes/mounts to use. I read somewhere to avoid acetal bushes without crush tubes, like BakerBMs kit. Thus far I am not impressed with the longevity of current rubber options (SASIC, Febi QH etc).

    Current setup:
    - B6 Fronts
    - Standard Front ARB (17mm?)
    - GrpN Top Mounts
    - Superpro Wishbones
    - Standard engine mounts
    - GTI6 Rear shocks

    On a final note, this car does get driven hard. I am still learning to drive it really, as every time I change some worn out part the car feels different every time (it is very satisfying feeling the improvement in real time). I have never driven a 205 with a rebuilt rear beam.

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    Just rebuild it properly.
    It can help to run a 21-24 mm ARB but you will need to have one cut down and re splined.

    Dont bother with 306 arms etc as it kills the turn in. The standard arms are fine.

    You can fits the discs, best to buy all the bits from a 306 and fit them.

    The way the 205 drives with its adjustable oversteer is brilliant when you know how to use it. When you start playing with the 306 arms etc it really does dull it down.

    Just rebuild it as intended. You can use the mounts without the crush tubes fwiw especially if its a road car.

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    Alright ARB is on the backburner, I hadn't realised until tonight it can be done in situ at a later date. I wish a certain Matthew can get his 205 on the road and we can test all his goodies!...

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    Believe me, I drove a certain car in Sydney and was left wondering how it did what it did, needless mine was already the same as it so look out. Out to Mt Cotton once its on the road for safety sake. Then it gets a paint job.
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