1994 306 XT body kits??
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    1994 306 XT body kits??

    hey, does anyone know if there are any for an XT? any help would be appreciated, also anyway suggestions of other decent modifications.


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    IMO the thing you could do that would give the most noticeable difference for the price, is to upgrade to a good set of tyres (if you haven't already.)

    Bodykits and the like aren't my thing, but if they're what you're after, I think Auto Paris (www.autoparis.com.au) is the contact to go to in Melbourne.

    If you really want to take things as far as it can go, there is <a href="http://www.aussiefrogs.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=000378" target="_blank">this option</a>
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    I was in your situation and i was desperate to get a kit for my car (same as yours) so i went to the eccose site and got a heart attack when i saw the prices (autoparis in melbourne would be no cheaper). The best investment you can do to your XT is save up and get a nice set of rims and tyres enjoy the ride and in the mean time save up and buy a xsi or gti-6.

    I'll have a few pics of my xt and u'll see how good it looks with no body enhancement other than a GT-wing and a set of white rims, however it does attract attention of potential trafic light GP drivers i just ignore em and let them beat me.

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    There's also
    <a href="http://www.pugaction.com" target="_blank">Pug Action</a>
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    I think I must be the opposite of most people on here - I like my cars to look slower than they are, rather than look faster than they are. That is why my ultimate sedan is a 1989-1994 BMW M5. It looks hardly any different to the regular 5 series of the time, but packs a 230kw 3.5L straight six under the bonnet. evil

    I always figered any spoilers added to my car would just make it slower blush .

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