Peugeo 2008 1.2 turbo Dipstick measurements and oil to add
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    Default Peugeo 2008 1.2 turbo Dipstick measurements and oil to add

    Some intelligent advice needed. I've been happily plonking oil in my 504 over many years, but am ignorant with these new-fangled cars of this millenium.....

    I may need to add some engine oil (perhaps) to the 2008 before its next scheduled change (it's only down a bit, but just wondering) - Dumb questions, but the manual doesn't see very helpful at a glance.

    What is the oil level difference between "full" and "add oil" (that is top to bottom markings on the dipstick).

    Any particular brand of synthetic oil?

    I await any reply



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    I've never put any oil in any modern car between services - provided you stick to the correct intervals. And thats over the last 20 years. If its above the bottom mark its OK. Just keep an eye on it if you are worried. If you really do want to put oil in it, try to find out what it has in it - either from the manual or a sticker under the bonnet or the last service sticker on the windshield. All modern engines run on fully synthetic. If its new then it will have what the dealers use. If not and you dont know whats in there, I'd leave it till the service. Or if you are really worried follow the owners manual recommendation and change the lot. The grade of the oil is probably more important than the brand. If it was a diesel then getting the oil right is very important. But the manual recommended grade of fully synthetic should do.

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