306 XSi vs 306 Rallye - any real difference?
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    Default 306 XSi vs 306 Rallye - any real difference?


    I've been shopping for a more family friendly replacement to my 205 Gti and have been looking at 306 XSi and Rallye models in auto.
    I know the Rallye is an XT but seems optioned up to XSi spec.
    Same engine, body bits etc so is there any difference in performance/transmission etc?
    I did look at a Rallye today and the tail pipe was round?
    It was about the same size as 1 of the 206 Gti 180 twin pipes. (for size comparison)
    Only thought the 306 had the eliptical / squashed type (you know what I mean)

    cheers Ginja.


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    The Rallye (in Australia) was an optioned up XT, you're right there. One thing I never figured out was whether it has the XSi sports suspension or not - I don't think so. I did measure the gap between the wheels and body on a few when i was looking at the same cars 15 months ago, and the gap was always a bit larger (can't remember the number, 15mm maybe?) on a Rallye than on an XSi.

    The Rallye does have a higher spec interior being basically an XT. This includes 1 touch windows and chrome bits on the end of the knobs to move the aircon vents. The XSi, being an S misses out on one touch windows because it is a lower interior spec than an XT (the specs are R,S,T in that order, after an X, so the cars are XR, XS, XT with the 'i' indicating the performance model). Those things are so minor I decided whoopeee do.

    I'd say the car with the round exhaust had a non-standard exhaust. Did you hear it running? Round sounds like it might be the dealer-optioned Devil exhaust to me.

    I settled on an XSi - great car Are you sure you want an auto? The manual is alot quicker.

    p.s. I didn't see you at Damon Beck's today? I spoke to someone there about a 306 XT/XSi.

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    Same engine
    Same gearbox

    The XSi has better seats, and also better suspension. You'll note it is lower than the Rallye. The XSi will probably have that rear spoiler as well.

    The Rallye is basically a bog stock XT with 15" alloys and a sticker.

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    As far as I know the the the 306 Rallye was simply and XT with XSi alloys and some badging. It was sold as a run out model to shift any remaining 306's the importer had left. The XT/Rallye and XSi had the same engine and gearbox, but the XSi had sports suspension and different interior trim and front seats. There may have been other differences, others on the board maybe able to fill you in with any other differences.


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    The features that were standard on my 306 rallye were:

    - Dual SRS
    - Immobiliser
    - ABS/EBD
    - 15'' alloys (off XSI - not the cyclone rims)
    - Rain sense wipers
    - Power wins/mirrors
    - Climate contol A/C
    - Rallye decals

    All these features except for the wheels & decals were standard on the previous 2000 XT i'm sure.
    2001 306 Rallye

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    A 306 Rallye would still be a great car anyway. If you want the newest 306 you can find, it would be a Rallye.

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