404 Diesel, or other Engine Swaps?
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    Default 404 Diesel, or other Engine Swaps?

    As the title says, has any one had luck with fitting another puggy engine in one of these? Always like the rattle of a Diesel, (we never got 404's with diesels in the USA). This car has that ZF auto trans...

    I'd guess something petrol from a 505 would fit nicely. Just thinking about this for the future.


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    That'd be a lot of work for not much fun in the end. Better to do a 504 TI or 404 KF2 engine swap. That'd be worthwhile IMO! I've done the latter (in 1987). The radiator hole in the front mask on the gas engine is too small for a Diesel - they had about 50% more opening to fit a much wider radiator. And cutting away the mask which is structural to make room is not recommended.
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    Don't bother, the N/A Diesels are a horrible engine.

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    At one stage I investigated engine swaps.

    I looked along the lines of early Toyota 4 AGE or Datsun L series.

    The sump in combination with the front cross member presented major issues.

    I concluded 504 /505 donor engines were the best option. And Jap donors would no give a better outcome and need a lot more work.

    FWIW I would not consider a KF engine as a donor: they are too old, temperamental and parts are expensive and difficult to get. They were a revolution for their time: that time has passed.

    I'd suggest a square port 505 engine with a big bore exhaust manifold and a properly tuned Weber downdraft carby , with a decent exhaust system.

    That should give equal or even better performance than a KF engine and be more straightforward to source and maintain longer term.
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