Brake booster, 406, hdi, 2003
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    Default Brake booster, 406, hdi, 2003

    I suspect a leaking seal. Common issue with the model and no new parts available. I'm in Newcastle and I have my regular mechanics looking for a possible repair with a local brake specialist. I have been in touch with a brake specialist in Adelaide which is mentioned in a previous post from 2011. He will attempt a seal replace but may not be able to do a re-furbish if other parts of the booster are stuffed.
    Issue has got worse over time and trip from Bathurst back to Lake Macquarie was very leisurely on Sunday last minus the turbo....vacuum leak. Almost had to throw the luggage out to get up Scenic Hill out of Lithgow on the Bells Line Road. Fortunately traffic was light.
    I've got a "spare" coming from a wrecker but its condition will be a gamble. Any ideas out there?
    Want to keep the car as its in great condition with only 115k but without the booster its not viable...



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    Hi Mike, If the 'spare' from the wrecker doesn't put you back on the road I've got 1 here which has done unknown k's in a D9 wagon. With only 115 K on yours stuffed parts would be highly unlikely don't you think. My old D8 has over 400K on what I believe is still the original booster.

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