Maintaining 406 v6 in Sydney, or not?
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Thread: Maintaining 406 v6 in Sydney, or not?

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    Default Maintaining 406 v6 in Sydney, or not?

    We finally returned to Australia a month ago to find our 406 in need of TLC. A friend had been 'looking' after it .


    There's an oil leak from the rocker cover gasket, oil on the starter motor (causing an intermittent failed start) and the headers thermal shield, a water leak (I suspect one of the hoses need replacement), and clicking sounds from the CV shafts. It also needs timing belt replaced and a new set of tires. There is a dent on the driver door that needs ironing, and the paint on the roof/boot is fading (still looks great front/profile). I would also replace the windscreen.

    The car is a smooth cruiser, already did 3 round trips between CBR and SYD over the past fortnight and it just drives great on the highway. We have had it for almost 10 years (bought it from Louis @ Alpine Motors, who got it from its first owner). It has 271k. Last time I did major work on it was almost 5 years ago (timing belt + water pump + new radiator).

    Since we're moving into inner Sydney, we could easily Go Get on the rare occasions car is needed, but selling the 406, or rather seeing it go feels difficult. We also have the 206 GTi180 which is in excellent condition (still under 65k from new), but my wife is still not into manual gearbox.

    I was thinking of having a mechanic run a full inspection and come up with a quote, if it's reasonable then fix it and keep it for the next few years. There's still 6-month rego on it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I am running a 2006 Nissan Patrol and just fix it as it needs it. As it is paid for and not devaluing I find it cheaper than paying off a new car that is depreciating. Things like tyres, brakes and wheel bearings wear just as fast or faster on new cars. 110,000 km on front discs and they were not new when I bought it. Recently it pulled our caravan around Australia.

    I have grown to like this lumbering thing.

    So if the car is going to be kept, you like it, it may be worth doing what is needed. In my personal view the 406 is one of the best Peugeot’s. I had a four cylinder one.
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