2005 307 2.0 petrol EW10 cam belt change
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    Default 2005 307 2.0 petrol EW10 cam belt change

    Does anyone have links to service info on this or any sage advice? Iíve done a 406 HDi cam belt but not a dual cam job so any heads up would be appreciated. Iíll be doing the waterpump as well.



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    Howdy Pugnose and welcome!

    See my later posts on the thread linked below (same engine) including an attachment of the instructions, but I THINK yours should have the later floating crank pulley which has recently been discussed on this forum. I'll see if I can find it.

    Timing belt on EW10J4 (specifically a 2003 206 GTi)

    Edit: Here it is. Different engine but explains the floating crank pulley if that's what you have (one with a single central bolt instead of four smaller bolts holding the crank pulley on). The pulley has to come off so you can get the timing belt off as it only drives the aux belt.

    how do i set 2007 , 307 2.0 hdi rhr 136 crank gear ?
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    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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