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    Default 404 ba75

    Im contemplating fitting a 5 speed to my 69 404 the fitting of the box i believe is fairly straight forward the part that worries me a bit is fitting the shifter and linkages . Is this a difficult task or also straight forward as well thank you.

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    fitting a floor shift to your 404 will require grafting a section of 504 0r 505 transmission tunnel to carry the gearshift

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    Hi 404
    I am in the process fitting a BA 7/5 to my ute and retaining the column shift ,Stew has a a BA 7/5 in his 404 ute that drives and shifts very well
    To fit the 7/5 I have had to cut and enlarge the transmission tunnel and move the gearbox shift lever to the other side you will also have to use the right hand side shell off a BA 7/4 to get the pivot point for the shift linkages
    I still have to make up linkages for the gear plane shift
    It is definitely do-able and others have done it successfully

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    I believe standard 505 BA7-5 linkages and gear shift will fit straight on.

    However you need to use a 504 wagon rear mount, and make a mounting plate to support the drivers side fixing and fabricate a bracket to hold the shift mechanism.

    As well as some cutting of the trans tunnel top and selective bashing/ panel beating of the passenger side of the tunnel.

    AFer Big H (Hank) has been through the exercise and has achieved a neat outcome.

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