207 GTI - diffiicult shifting out of 5th gear
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    Default 207 GTI - diffiicult shifting out of 5th gear

    This issue starting happening for me recently where I can change gears up to 5th fine but then when I clutch in an try to move out of 5th, it's getting stuck. I have to rev match to shift out of 5th and even then it's not as smooth as it should be. Like there's chewing gum in the linkage


    Anyone had/solve this problem without a rebuild or a new gearbox?

    P.S. My indicator stork doesn't switch off on right turns when I unwind the steering wheel. Started this week as well.

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    If itís only in 5th you probably have a issue with the synchro on 5th you can inspect this without pulling the box out they run a 5th gear extension housing probably find a worn fork or hub normally not an issue but stranger things have happened. Also I would be checking the shift cables but I doubt thatís your problem.

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