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    Default Peugeot scale models and apparel

    Hi fellow Froggers, If anyone is interested in 1:43 scale models of Peugeots and Peugeot clothing apparel I can recommend a French guy, Fred.
    I first found his website a few years ago doing a search for a 1:43 Peugeot 504 Riviera estate. Fred was the only source. Fred does small production runs so the prices can be slightly higher than the mainstream brands however the quality is great. Fred concentrates on unusual Peugeot models one of his latest being the 504 coupe E Legend concept. What is unusual is that the model is the "speedform" version ie the manufacturer's pre production clay "form"; he currently has specials on 505 sedans, some interesting upcoming 504 variations and 604's as well as T shirts etc.
    I have had no issues with delivery and usually receive the order within a few days and a friendly email as well. Check his website
    cheers Marc

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