504 Ti unreliable!
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Thread: 504 Ti unreliable!

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    Default 504 Ti unreliable!

    For a third time the Ti has failed to proceed!.

    The first time was about 1975, the fuel pump fuse blew.

    The second time was around 1986, the clutch threw its lining. (Could have had something to do with the revs being used, 1st to 2nd gear).

    This time the electric fuel pump stopped working. So feeling brave I stripped the pump.

    The fuel had gone "gummy" and built up around the drive motor brushes, that badly that the brushes would no longer automatically slide up against the commutator. Cleaned the brushes and reassembled. Had to be careful not to damage the motor case "O" ring).

    The bloody thing then seeped fuel from the pump end (After I had stood on my head and refitted it naturally). W
    hen stripped I found the "O" ring case seals had gone hard and one had cracked. One ring is circular and the other an "ovally" circular shape.
    Down at the seal shop, we found that the same "O" ring fitted into both grooves. (Round 2mm cross section 32mm Inside dia.) The seal man's charge was Zero, he was very helpful and said the paper work was higher.


    "Bobs your uncle" it works again.

    Did not have to use a hammer once.

    Has my Ti become reliable again???

    If I would post photos here if I could.
    Present fleet:-
    Peugeot 93' 205 Gti 16v
    Peugeot 73' 504 Ti from new
    Peugeot 08' 407 Hdi Coupe from new

    Previous fleet:-
    Peugeot 95' 605 Sv
    Peugeot 92' 205 Gti
    Renault 72' 16TS from new
    Renault 69' 10
    Renault 71' 10s
    Renault 68' 10 from new

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    How's that funny little drive belt for your Kugelfischer injection ? They're getting rare these. But I'll bet you have a spare already...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGRR View Post
    Did not have to use a hammer once.
    at that rate they will take away you ex-railway fitter ticket
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