2009 308 battery light
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    Default 2009 308 battery light

    Any advice on this matter please: Had a flat battery and went to Kmart Auto. They changed the battery but afterwards the battery light was on along with a warning sign "battery or electrical supply fault". the mechanics there tried with over an hour to reset the system etc but no joy. According to them it is charging correctly but they do not have the software to reset the warning light. Anyone else encountered this issue before, and how did you resolve it?



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    What motor is it if itís a turbo 1.6 petrol check all the 10 amp fuses in the engine bay if one is blown the turbo water pump is probably gone disconnect the plug from the pump and replace the fuse you should then be able to clear the faults from the bsi and engine ecu get the water pump replaced and stay well clear of Kmart

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    You don't need any reset after battery replacement.
    Maybe re-initialising auto window switches and that's about it.
    You should check the alternator and the accessory belt.

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