Muddy fluid in my coolant reservoir
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Thread: Muddy fluid in my coolant reservoir

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    Default Muddy fluid in my coolant reservoir

    Hey guys I have a 2006 407 2.0 litre diesel. I recently noticed in my overflow reservoir is filled with a muddy looking fluid. I know this sounds like a major problem(like a cracked gasket). But theres no white stuff in the oil and as far as I know it's uncommon for diesels to have that issue. It's not over heating at all either...has anyone else had this problem or know what it could be?


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    Heat exchanger itís part of the oil filter housing

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    I agree, I replaced an oil cooler on my 308 after a similar event. I bought the oil filter housing and cooler as one unit off eBay. It was new and about $225 delivered from Germany. The cheapest I could get one in Australia was around $600. Itís a bit of a task to remove and replace the housing due to
    difficultly of access but certainly not impossible. Once done I flushed the cooling system 6 or 7 times, I still get a bit of oil in the coolant (not much).

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