Peugeots in Motorsport Brisbane
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    Default Peugeots in Motorsport Brisbane

    Hi there Peugeot lovers

    Just wondering if any of you participate in any form of Motorsport in your pugs. Would love to head out and witness some Peugeots in action. Also I wouldn't mind possibly getting involved in some way. I have the dream of tuning up a 306 and racing it. I have helped out at the time attack event King of QR in the past and there were a couple of Renaults there which was nice to see, but I'd love to see some Peugeots joining in the action

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    There is a Facebook Group called "DriveMasters"... who regularly do drive events [public roads], and track days. I've taken my 206 to a number of these events... worth checking out. It's open to all Brands/Marques, so you always get a cool mix of cars and drivers. A highlight recently was chasing the new Hyundai 'N'... keeping up with it in the mountain twisties, no problem at all .

    They are doing an open lap day at Morgan Park pretty soon!
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