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    Default Applause Please!

    I hereby award Luthier the GREAT GOLDEN GONG for best suggestion of the year to date Re. 'Posting PUG Pics.'

    Take a well deserved bow oh Legend of the North!

    The rest of you keep posting them in......... Once we all learn how!!!!!


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    Ha ha DeeCee.
    They have one of these on most fora I frequent so it isn't rocket science. But then neither is rocket science I fear.
    Looks like these froggy folk don't have many cars then. It's nearly disappeared off the page . O well I was surprised how much enthusiasm it attracted first up, and not really surprised if it goes to ground. Because the demographic here are not interested as much in entertainment as a quick fix though there are some who like to party.
    To post a pic it needs to be hosted somewhere on the net so it has a url address.
    I put mine on my website which is a bit of a process but I got sick of other hosters.
    So for me I import a pic into Photoshop , then go to file, then save for web. This allows you to then choose the size and I always go for the largest side being 800.
    When I press save it then opens my FTP cache and I rename it there, so if I post a number of pics in a batch I use a name with a number so they are all identical except for that number. This allows me to create the first one, then copy and paste it as many times as the pics I need and simply go through and change the numbers afterwards.
    So once in the FTP it has to be uploaded to the net onto my website which you may know about if you run your site.
    Then I end up with a url that looks like this:
    When I surround this url with [img] symbols and [ / img] on the end without any spaces in it the image will be displayed.
    So it will look like the following without any spaces: [ img ] http://www.kellawayguitars .com] / images / toots1.jpg [ / img ]
    Clear as mud right?
    But if you have a way to reduce pics before asking a host to look after them you'll do better than throwing large files at them and it seems this site actually will upload from your computer to host if that's the way you go except it makes little thumbnails that have to be clicked to open which is not so aesthetic.

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