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Thread: 207 Suspension Renewal

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    Default 207 Suspension Renewal

    My 207 HDi Lemans has developed a light knocking sound from the front right when going over bumps.
    From past experience with a Citroen C2, it sounds like the top mount.
    The car has just under 108000km's on it, pretty much the same as when the C2 failed as well.
    I have also read it can be ball joints, but they seem to be good with a quick lookover. The lower control arm bush's and front sway bar links look fine as well.

    So I will take this as a opportunity to renew a few of the suspension components.
    I am looking at doing Front top mounts, Bump stops, Shocks and Springs. Rear Shocks and Springs. All aftermarket of course.

    I already have H&R 35mm lowering springs ready to go I picked out based on some photos I saw on this forum. I never liked that massive guard gap since buying this 207 so this is the perfect opportunity to rectify that.

    Now my issue is Top Mounts, Shocks and Bumpstops.

    Being a Lemans edition I am getting varying feedback from part suppliers regarding brands and compatibility.
    Automotive Superstore have been the most helpful so far and will be chasing up with the manufacturers what will work based on the numbers I supplied them from my OEM shocks.
    It seems they can get more than just what they list online.

    For reference the original Peugeot Shocks have this printed on a label affixed to each shock.
    Front Right: 6497
    Front Left: 6496
    Rears: 6507

    When I google search these parts numbers they show up on UK wrecking sites coming from various 207 diesel hatches and wagons. In other words they look like nothing special to me.

    I however cannot match these OEM parts numbers for 207's on part finders like Monroe, KYB, Sachs etc when looking up the shocks myself, which is why I am guessing Automotive Superstore brought it up when I was ordering. They actually pinpointed it from the VIN number before I even supplied the shocks numbers.

    I was aiming to go either all KYB or all Sachs as they make all the components required to make up the strut. Sticking with 1 brand I am more confident that everything will go together as it should.
    I can't see why a Lemans would be any different to any other 207 diesel suspension wise. I mean dimension wise, not spring rate or valving. Can anyone say otherwise?

    I have also read about 2 different shocks sizes for 207 fronts. 47mm and 51mm, but have no idea what that is referring to. Body size, shaft size(unlikely), bottom end where it goes into the knuckle???


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    I actually got my new setup fitted at the end of April. Since buying a Clio 3 RS A&D, I have been more on the OZRS boards than AF's.
    So time for an update.

    For anyone interested.
    The 207 Lemans is nothing special as I thought.
    It uses the same aftermarket shocks and other suspension parts as per any 207.
    So no idea why the parts finders don't recognise HDi Lemans models.

    I ended up going with Sachs for most of the setup.
    Sachs Top Mount 802 523 32_802 523 2 $148.10
    Sachs Shock Absorber Dust Cover Kit 900 217 32_900 217 1 $43.65
    Sachs Shock Absorber 313 681 32_313 681 1 $145.30
    Sachs Shock Absorber 313 679 32_313 679 1 $145.30
    Sachs Shock Absorber Super Touring 313 683 32_313 683 2 $212.70

    Also had the H&R springs fitted.
    The one thing I do not like about H&R is that they have a one size fits all variants within a model philosophy for many cars including Pug 207's. Ie same springs for a base 1.4, GTi, Diesel Hatch and even Citroen DS3's. Clearly these models have different front to rear weigh distributions so should all have individual length and spring rates to suit.
    The main larger competitor Eibach does this which is the brand I really wanted to buy but it came down to price.
    I took the plunge with H&R because I got the set brand new on Ebay for $200 from of all places, a Toyota wrecker in Victoria.
    The boxes actually had Walkinshaw Performance stickers all over them. Must have been excess stock they needed to just get rid off as they should have been more like $400.
    The model I have is:
    Kit 29118-1.
    Front springs 29118 (VA) F
    Rear springs 29118 (HA) R
    They did not drop the car 35mm, I was expecting that would be the case as usually the number quoted is the amount for the model with the highest factory setup.
    Front dropped 20mm
    Rear dropped 15mm
    Wish it was the way around, but I guess having a heavy Diesel up front will do that on a generic one size fits all spring setup.

    I did a very minor front toe alignment myself more to make it around the 0 mark by string and ruler measurements. I don’t think it really changed to begin with. 5000km's later and no ill tyre wear effects are visible at all, nice and even.

    The ride quality is much the same as before.
    Probably marginally better over smaller bumps because of the variable rate springs.
    On larger bumps it is easier to hit the front bump stops which is no surprise considering it is 20mm lower.

    So I would say it was worth doing for the slight visual appeal. Now I'm good for another 100000km's.
    I kept my old shocks just in case as there was not really anything wrong with them. I kept the OEM springs as well. Just got the shocks changed as it all needed to come apart anyway so why out 10 year old 110000kms ones back in.
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