Multiple bulb error codes
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    Default Multiple bulb error codes

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has encountered multiple bulb fault codes on a 207 GTi before?

    I'm getting the following intermittently:
    - Right hand stoplamp bulb faulty
    - Foglamp bulb(s) faulty
    - Direction indicator(s) faulty
    - Right hand reversing lamp bulb faulty

    When the codes are thrown the right indicator runs faster. I'm not getting any error codes for the left hand side bulbs and the errors aren't constant, they seem to come and go randomly and I haven't found a reason eg. possible loose wire or something happening when I go over a heavy bump. Basically I can't recreate it at will when it stops.

    My guess was a dodgy fuse but I don't know which one or what I should be looking for. I have a basic diagnostic tool but even when the car is picking up the codes, the diag tool doesn't when it normally does pick up error codes, which makes me think it could be one of the computers? The tool is communicating with the car though as it picks up temp, revs etc.

    Any ideas or suggestions? I had a euro specialist stick his more comprehensive diagnostic tool on it but it couldn't communicate with the car at all where it has previously. He wasn't sure what the problem is and was going to seek some advice but I haven't heard back for a few weeks.


    If anyone can advise what fuse I should be checking that would be a start.


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    Default Multiple bulb error codes

    You have a bad earth on the plug to the taillight

    Think about it logically a fuse canít be the fault if multiple circuits are involved

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    Iím no auto sparky but I firstly suspect battery voltage with these newer electro mechanical cars with their numerous sensors.
    Sometimes a new battery fixes everything I suspect.

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    And clean and check all earths at battery to body or engine etc when refitting a new battery. Unbolt the earth strap, clean it with a wire brush etc and then reconnect it, just to be sure its not rusted or otherwise.

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    I tend to agree with (run)DMC, probably a faulty earth on the rear tail light.

    My 207GT often reported a faulty globe. Occasionally it was true, but mostly was fixed by a re-seating.

    In one persistent case there was, from memory, a loose contact somewhere in one of the rear taillight clusters, which are very easy to get out, but just watch the little lugs of the board with the globes in, they break easily.

    Took ages to find, I think I had to bend one of the contact strips or pad it with alu foil or something.

    But, having said that, I never had multiple faults, nor anything to do with the indicators. Could even be a loose wire under the dash to the blinker can, for all I know.

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    It;s a classic set of earthing errors. I back DMcC. Check the plug on the housing, and also the cable earthing to the body.

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