Peugeot lock nut/lug nut laughs + finding steering rack leak :(
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    Default Peugeot lock nut/lug nut laughs + finding steering rack leak :(

    So my beloved pug has had a few issues arise at once, unfortunately

    The recent post was regarding the starter motor blowing my F8 starter circuit fuse. It was the cause and finally just carkd it and would refuse to engage properly (just clicked) replacement is on the way.


    The other issue i had recently was that I lost my peugeot lock nut key. Ridiculous. Peugeot wanted 200$ for it delivered from France. They recommended a guy who was going to charge 50$ a nut.

    I decided to pursue it myself. Tried the nut removal tools which grip onto rounded nuts. Since the peugeot lock nuts have the circular security bit. Got them and tried it on the first bolt. Got it off surprisingly. The next 3 bolts however snapped. the circular bit due to the design just gave way (since it isn't solid) and snapped.

    Next option was to drill them out and reverse tap them or weld something onto them to take them off. The standard bit wont work here. I managed (luckily) to get nice set of bits and drill from work for the weekend and managed to drill the three stuck lock nuts and used the reverse tap thread to take them out. What a mission. My advice to peugeot/citroen supporters. Get rid of these stupid lock nuts, they're atrocious.

    Ill put a link to some pics here afterwards..

    Got my front wheels off finally. As i wanted to replace the swaybar links. Managed it finally and noticed the driver side steering boot was moist. Yep, my steering rack is leaking every so slightly and the right boot is now slowly releasing power steering fluid.

    My question to you guys is replacing the rack hard? Could i do it at home or would a hoist be better suited? Seeing haynes, it requires the bottom plate to be removed before you can access the rack?

    Can the right side be fixed/leak fixed without taking the whole rack off??

    Just annoying as it is something I did not expect starting to pour to much time and money into this thing now haha. Think this will be my last before i seriously think about moving on.
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