anybody got wiring diagram for the climate control parts for the 405 S1?


Haynes has the details on the heater blower/blower control but does not detail things like the wiring on the 'Valeo climate control black box' or the 'Valeo cold/hot servo drive', etc.

I'm having some annoying blower heater issues (fan runs full blast - yes, ive changed the transistors on the fan blower module) and trying to fault find and the wiring is a bird nest of crap.....especially the passenger footwell where it all seems to come together. Only visible thing I can potentially see is the large white connector in the passenger footwell with the thicker +ve power cable is showing sheathing degrading and the plug connector has gone brown due to heat. But the fan is running (but flat out) so assume that the connector is still actually working.

I've removed the entire lower console, center console, fan controls unit to try and test/fault the fan switch thus far to no avail.