307 HDI filters and issues
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    Default 307 HDI filters and issues

    Just acquired this 2005 1.6 HDI from a friend who gave up on it.

    It's been blowing clouds of unburnt diesel.
    So I'm going through this car, worked out how to get the air filter out and looks like I'm in a brave new world where no man has been before me. Then after a good look I discovered the fuel filter, and took it out for a look.
    How the hell do these things come apart, or are they not serviceable? I took a lump off one side and unscrewed the plug in the top but was afraid to put much leverage on the brittle looking plastic so reinstalled it minus the fuel it held.

    The main problem I've found is two fair sized holes in the tube from the turbo to the intercooler. They appear to have burned outwards. I'm told by the local guys, Coles in Lismore, that they have never seen this happen.
    That figures, I'm the only one these things ever happen to.
    Anyone got an idea what could cause such holes? Am I looking at some ECU malfunction?
    These holes go right through about the size of a 5c piece and you can see daylight from one to the other when it's out. The edges are rough and burnt looking and are pushed outwards as if there was some explosion inside.
    A lot of nasty black oil had issued from there as well as from the valve on the rockers and this was splattered all over the front of the engine. After a high pressure clean I discovered the holes.

    I have a nice new rockerbox to fit.


    He[the Previous Owner] was thinking of exhaust manifold gasket replacement but I reckon that's in the too hard basket, a job that can wait till the whole mill comes out for a clutch or something. I can't hear any exhaust noise.
    But apart from manky wheels this thing is too good for the wreckers with air and central locking and a straight body apart from a couple of minor scuffs on both rear guards.

    The engine still sounds sweet despite all these leaky ancillaries, so I will make sure it goes well and if it does I'll probably have it for my main car.
    Just need to acquaint myself with the peculiarities. Coming from the 406 it feels very cramped under the bonnet but I knew that, being no stranger to my kids 307's.
    I like the feel of the seats and the ergos in the cabin.

    Worst case scenario, I'll keep it for spares for my son's which is identical I believe.

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    Three screws and the cover comes of the air filter pretty simple if you have a boost leak that will cause smoke intercooler pipes donít last forever at least on 307 s you also may have a leaking injectior they leak at the copper seal normally cylinder 1 and 2

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