Towbar for Peugeot 407 Sedan
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    Default Towbar for Peugeot 407 Sedan

    I wanting to source a genuine Peugeot 407 towbar for a sedan.
    I have a question, does anyone know where the wiring loom would plug into, does it require some control relay box so it does not interfere with the car electrics. Do I need to run say diagbox to configure the towbar etc.


    Thanks in advance

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    New or second hand
    The module plugs into the left hand rear of the car and comes with a harness
    If you fit a genuine module yes you need to configure it

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    I was searching for a Tow Ball mount and found plenty of wreckers that have the full Tow bar for only $200.
    I am sure if you bought a second hand one that was an original factory fit they would give you the wiring harness with it .
    They usually charge $20 for delivery depending where in Australia you are
    That was what they were going to charge me
    New they are about $1400 installed.
    I did my VW Caddy and after wards wished I had gotten them to install it rather than try to save a few dollars as the harness was nothing like the diagrams said it should be, for some reason the plug to connect to wasn't there and so I had to go to an Auto Electrician and every one I rang was about $300 to connect the wiring harness, so my savings of installing the bar were not savings, I ended up paying $100 more than the place I bought the kit from would have installed it for
    Electrical on these vehicles if you don't know what you are doing can end up costing you more than the Tow bar itself

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