1.6 THP Engine Timing Chain Issue
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    Default 1.6 THP Engine Timing Chain Issue

    There are a lot of threads on this issue but would like to know if they every really fixed it.
    The couple we have driven all have severe chain rattle when cold.

    we are thinking of buying a used 3008 T8. is there a year model petrol engine that is safe to have?
    Diesel is an option but it will be used as a city car; kids, shopping, etc. Not likely to get mush of a long constant drive a diesel DPF needs ocasionally.
    is a 3008 T8 reliable to own?
    Is the A/C any better than a 308?


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    I own a THP150 (Pug 207cc Sport) and a THP200 (Pug RCZ Mk 2) 1.6 Prince engine.

    Yes, I had the timing change kit replaced on the THP150 at 100,000 klicks. The timing chain from Peugeot is now a 'RP' (revised part) and is now more durable. I believe that the timing chain was too thin, which caused it to stretch. Pugs from 2013 onwards have had the issue corrected.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you are looking at an early engine, check to see if the chain was replaced by Peugeot. Most have been. Dealers can check if this work is done if you have the VIN.

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    My 3008 diesel does very little ks now and lives it’s life in Newcastle city goes on the highway less than 4 times a year never had a dpf problem

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    DPF no real problem here either and last year, roughly 60,000 km, was 90% 6km runs around the town we live ten minutes out of (maybe that helps). The power in reserve from a 2lt Diesel is a feel i think i might miss.
    As it had 'Alert'-ed once a few months ago, yesterday (as part of 190,000km service ) half the fluid in a kit from EAI was put in.
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