504 sedan with PRV V6 and 5 speed - Engineering Certificate Question
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    Default 504 sedan with PRV V6 and 5 speed - Engineering Certificate Question

    Hi all,

    Has anyone had to get an engineering certificate for a modified 504 - specifically with a PRV V6 and 5 speed put in place of the original running gear?

    I am in the ACT. I bought a 1980 504 sedan a year or two ago. It was previously on historic plates in the ACT. The car is unregistered now. I have the old rego papers. The V6 and 5 speed were swapped over years ago by a local Pug mechanic shop - Alpine Motors - apparently. As it was already registered prior to my purchase, I believed that it had been engineered as did the seller.

    I have been working on it to get it back on the road. Today I discovered that the engine number on the old rego papers is different to the number on the block. The number is stamped on the bottom of one of the "legs" near the lower driver's side bellhousing bolt. Based on this, I assume that the car is listed as a 4 cylinder still.

    So - I am now thinking that to get the car back on the road, it needs an engineering certificate. I will confirm this with the ACT rego department on Monday.

    I met a local guy who had recently (last 3-5 years I guess) bought a local V6 504 sedan and he said he was able to get it registered as 504 coupes were fitted with the same inner guards / engine bay rails etc I think as the sedans and these carry the V6 from the factory.

    I wonder if brakes would need to upgraded also?


    Does anyone have any advice on all of this, assuming that I will need to get it engineered?

    Thanks heaps,

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    Any progress James?

    I don't think you would need to get it engineered. There are a few 504 V6 sedans around and an engineering certificate has never been part of the story to my knowledge.

    I believe in Victoria the guidelines for driveline swaps allow for (for example) coupe drivelines to be installed in a sedan version of the same car.

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