Hi Guys

My daughter recently purchased a 206 XR which needed a bit of routine maintenance. One of these items was the auxiliary belt. After replacing the belt (Dayco) it developed an obnoxious squeal, particularly when cold. This is not a slippage issue however. The idler pulley, alternator, P/S pump, A/C compressor, and crank pulley all seemed in good condition with no obvious play other than a bit of end float in the P/S pump.

I replaced the tensioner, which showing signs of wear (bearings had a bit of play and pulley was not looking great) with an SKF unit, the noise was worse afterwards. If I put the old belt back on, no noise. In desperation I tried a different brand belt (Optibelt) but that only remained quiet for as long as it took to drive around the block.


What I have established, I think, is that the tensioner is not running parallel to the belt and pulling it towards the outside (away from the block). I believe the noise is from the flat side being dragged back into line over the tensioner pulley...the old belt isn't noisy because it's become hard and shiny with age and has practically no grip on the flat side.

Any discussion , suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated.