Peppi our 2003 307 XSE 2.0 ltr was handed over to our youngest daughter six months ago
and was going well until a trip to Launceston (160 klm east) and 65 klm from home, Peppi decided to
play silly buggers by throwing up codes and intermittent running with temp. rising and
lack of power.
My daughter is not one to panic and continued into Launceston to the main agents for Peugeot
at Buckby Motors and told them what was wrong.
They checked out the car, read the codes and it turned out No.1 injector had decided it had
had enough of this nonsense of working for a living.
The car was left in their care for a couple of days, the new part was ordered from Melb. and fitted
Car was given a full test, all spurious codes erased and ready to be collected.
Peppi has covered 197,000klm so, I suppose something was bound to wear out.
All is running smoothly in the Peugeot world once more and were relieved of $600 ;o))
I must say Buckby's handled the job efficiently and were extremely professionally.
Six months ago we bought a brand new Renault Captur 1.2 turbo as a replacement from Bucby's
and couldn't be happier.