Hi All

My 406 seems finally to have succumbed to the dreaded heater-blower-melting-the-ignition-switch issue, and has jammed pretty tight. At least, I think that's probably what's happened without dismantling the switch and taking a closer look. The heater blower no longer runs at all - I replaced the control module last summer with a proper Valeo part, so I pretty sure that's all fine.

I haven't had any luck yet sourcing a replacement, so I've posted here in the For Sale section.

I should be able to get the right one off ebay; there are a few choices, but none of them appear to be OEM parts; certainly no Valeo ones. Probably less likely to give 20 years of service like the one currently fitted. So, my question is, does anybody have a wiring diagram for the harness to indicate which plug operates the heater blower? If I rejig it to run the blower from a relay instead, I might get a bit more life out of a cheap part.