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    Not sure how to navigate around this place yet. Yesterday i tried to get here and a "fileshare" site came up all the time, i got a big BEEEEEEP virus warning and i was out of there,lol Anyway, Hi Guys, ime Shane. I just bought a Peugeot 2008 model 207gti. In IMMACULATE condition. One owner, 147000ks. The timing chain has not been changed, as it says nothing in the manual about intervals but ime curious guys? The engine sings perfectly, like a sewing machine. Like new to drive. Got no traction control, fault is in the module and the ABS is fine. Apart from that everything works perfectly! It does not have enough grunt for me so ime upgrading it. I would like about 20Kw more. Or a better way...How much can i get without changing that lovely, but a bit small, twin scroll turbo?? What do i need to achieve this guys? A few pics below. The wheels need cleaning bad:/ Hmm, have to work out how to decrease the file size of my pics! How do you get your pics small enough for here guys? Appreciate any answers

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    Welcome, Shane. I don't know what the interval is but a death rattle is ave done the timing chain replacement ourselves.

    My car was at 90,000kms when the death rattle finally killed it. Mine required a few other things replaced after the failure, namely a couple of valves and the brake vacuum on the end of the exhaust cam which had seized and caused the rest to fail
    WTB: Timing Chain Set and Camshaft Lock Tool for EP6DTS (N18)

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