406 HDI Rear Roll bar Links
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    Default 406 HDI Rear Roll bar Links

    Just installed two new rear links and was wondering how long they should last. The rattle noise from the old ones was driving me nuts. They are made out of some kind of solid plastic material. When I compared the old with the new there appeared to be not a lot of difference. Are there any other 406 owners out there that find they have to replace them on a regular basic or just put up with that bloody annoying rattle. The rattle is now gone, hopefully for a long time.


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    The rattle would be from joint wear but you can't usually feel this by hand once off the car, so they'd feel the same. This style of link is a regular service item on a lot of Peugeots - my 206 needed front ones at 65,000km (albeit these are made of steel).

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    I need a pair on one of my 406's as it rattles and skips a bit round corners. Replaced the front ones on the other car and it handles like on rails. I imagine they should last a fair time but it probably depends on your daily roads.
    I would expect about 200K on good roads , maybe 100K on the rough stuff. Dunno.

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