Hello and help!!!
my daughter's 2001 306 Rallye 2.0litre auto just stops on occasion always when going slowly or when stopped in traffic.I have replaced the throttle body sensor cleaned the throttle body,replaced the coil pack,replaced the 3 sensors in the water pump housing,tried to check with my scan tool but it won't talk to her.
I took her to the local Peugeot dealership in Tamworth,big mistake!!! they had the poor little thing for 6 weeks in total,they told me that the engine speed sensor needed replacing,so I said do it,they phoned me and said that the car was fixed so I went and picked it up,I drove a total of 4Kms. and the car stopped 9 times,so back it went.
next they told me that they had found a small coolant leak onto a section of the wiring loom,they said that would be the cause of the problem,they couldn't do the job in house and the car would have to go to an auto electrician.
I told them that that would not be the cause of the problem as the section of the wiring loom was in perfect condition and I told them that I had a bit of knowledge about wiring and water (me being an outboard motor tech).They wouldn't listen so off to the sparkie it went on the condition that htey phone me with a quote before the pulled it apart.That was too difficult,next I received a phone call to say it was fixed ....again and to bring $300.00 for the sparkie.Large verbal joust followed with me agreeing to pay $100 on the condition that the car was fixed this time.
Picked the car up started it,it stalled before I got out of their driveway,I let that one go,drove out onto the road accelerated only to have a rather severe miss on acceleration,slowed down and you guessed it,she stopped,just like you had switched the ignition off.
Back again,dropped the keys on the counter and said fix it and walked out.Time passed and the rego ran out,the dealership said they would do the rego check for free and you guessed it they failed it,lower control arm bushes and a rattle in the cat converter.Their new tech said that the cat converter could be the cause of the trouble and they could replace it and the lower control arm bushes for a bit over $1,000.00,that on top of the $700 I had already spent on the car with them,no thanksi went to fair trading,what a joke!!!
So dear readers the poor little 306 sits at home waiting for someone to sort it out.Great car to drive,a shame really.My daughter bought a 2002 Ford Focus.
So if any one can help diagnose the problems I would be most grateful,or you could buy the car for $500.00
Cheers.( I have owned 2x203's 3x403's,1x404,2x504,s,1x505 1x205,1x306)