406 D8 2.1 DT starting issue.
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    Default 406 D8 2.1 DT starting issue.

    Picked up a good looking D8 diesel sedan that drove home very nicely. The Lucas Epic appears to have been done and the starter and alternator have been replaced so it looks like the previous owner had intended it to keep going for a fair while. Went to start it recently but battery dead flat. After recharging the cranking speed is good but still not a beep out of it, save for when it sniffs a bit of ether.
    Is there a reset procedure needed cause the battery was so flat? or any other usual gremlins that plague the D8 diesel.? Thanks, and Festive Season Greetings to all.


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    Well if it like an other Pug/Cit they hate dead batteries so a usual reset is for key an immobilizer set up.

    Does the key also have a remote?

    Try key in ignition turn to ACC leave for 30 seconds or so turn off. Lock car with remote as and unlock.

    Should be good to start.

    Otherwise disconnect air sensor at the air inlet.

    Good luck

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