hello all

i'm am probably one of many 205 owners with stuffed AC. i've been thinking of fixing it thru my mechanic or myself, it's a cost issue.

here's the deal:
the condensor is cracked, its been offline for 6mths now, it worked ok b4 then.

i can get a second hand one from my mechanic for $150, he estimates $500 for him to get it going. half of what i originally thought!


i can get the condensor and do it myself.

so after listening to his advise it seems i can indeed do it myself and then get it gased for around another $125.


so all up its a fair bit of my time and say $250. so if it still doesn't work then thats $250 down the drain, not $500.

either way we can't garantee the AC will work, but then it hasn't been offline for that long, but then... ha!

so my question is, has anyone done this b4, is this a reasonable thing to do for a fair to middly do-itselfer?

the system is the new gas, and it has no gas in it at the moment.