Hi folks,

First time poster here although I've owned Pugs for about 8yrs now.
I'm looking at buying a 2000 306 XSi.
However, I noticed when inspecting one at a dealer that the bonnet had been removed (paint off bolts and washers not lining up with original paint marks) I asked the mob that had been servicing it and they said that you almost never remove the bonnet for servicing except to remove engine.
I'm assuming it had been removed for repair work. Does anyone here know under what conditions the bonnet would be removed and any way to check for damage to the car.
It has an NRMA inpection sheet but it is clean. I'm thinking it had low speed front end that meant bonnet and bumper needed work. (I spotted what I thought was fine overspray from bumper around black plastic flog light fitting).
I'm ok with some cosmetic damage being fixed but worried about larger unseen problems.
Any advice would be welcome.

cheers Ginga.