403 Clutch Problem
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Thread: 403 Clutch Problem

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    Icon9 403 Clutch Problem

    The clutch throwout thrust plate keeps shedding the retaining spring clips. Does anyone have three of these clips that I can have please.
    I am also wondering whether the setting of the the release forks has been correct. I have been setting the height of these at 31 mm from the face of the clutch plate but it seems that operation of the clutch pedal is causing excess travel of the thrust plates allowing the clips to unhook. Does anyone have any advice as to the setting of the forks? Don Mac


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    Close the clips up slightly with a pair of pliers or multigrips and they should stay on
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    Just to share my experience... fitting the engine to the GB can be a hassle. The GB spline shaft can easily cause the spring clips to dislodge without any indication. I raise the front axle by 1.5 feet just to ensure the spline shaft slides in without knocking of any of those 3 clips out.

    If you cannot find the original clutch cover try searching for the 1300 Alfa clutch cover, only difference is it has 9 springs. I just used a grinder to cut off 3 of the pressured springs. Attached is picture of the Alfa 1300 clutch cover before I removed the spring

    403 Clutch Problem-20150322_144116.jpg 403 Clutch Problem-20150322_144106.jpg

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